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Welcome to my eportfolio.


- - First of all I'm tech geek & learning evangelist, beside that I do occupy some little positons

- SD Engineer

- Coursera (Mentor - Translator - Beta tester)

- Google (Translator)

- TED (Translator)

- Volunteer Match (Volunteer on many e-opportunites)


Hacking the knowledge and share it with other passionate people

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I want to go for the extra mile but I think that I'm getting lost, the more we learn the more we discover our ignorance :)



- 3D Printing Applications - Coursera

-- The 3D Printing Revolution - Coursera

- Speak English Professionally - Coursera

- Write Professional Emails - Coursera

- Coursera Beta Tester - Coursera

- Coursera Mentor Community and Training Course - Coursera

- Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English - Coursera

Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems - Coursera

Basic Life Support Certification Course - Coursera

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